Saturday, March 6, 2010

Death Rides The Surf

I know that I've read another book from this series, but I can't find a review from me saying so, so maybe I never finished. But I remember that I didn't really like it, so I never picked anything up from this series until the other day when I was at the library browsing books and found another. The cute Westie dog on the cover was the selling point, because I want a Westie someday.

In this series, Kate Kennedy is a 70 year old lady living in a condo in South Florida with her dog. The whole time I was reading this book, it made me think of the show The Golden Girls, which I love and watch to much of. Because they live in Florida. So I kind of pictured how Kate's condo looked and that it was always warm and beachy. In this book, her niece comes to visit and gets mixed up with some fishy looking surfers, and of course one dies, and the niece is suspected of murder, and Kate and her sister in law try to find out what happened.

It's a quick read. Read it in one day. I liked it enough that I want to check out the other books in the series. Maybe even re-read the one I hated before.

The characters are suppose to be old, but I had a hard time thinking of them that way because they are cruising around in their flashy cars and solving crime, and when I think of old people, that's not what I think of, but oh well.

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