Sunday, March 7, 2010

Peach Cobbler Murder

I don't know why I keep reading books from this series. The character Hannah is a goody and a player (she has two boyfriends!) and everyone loves her. Doesn't sound very realistic to me. Give me a character who has some attitude. And I'm confused as to why no one in the books weights a few hundred pounds because all they do is eat cookies!

In this book, a new bakery opens up and it taking all of Hannah's business. And then the person who runs the shop dies, and while the description of the book makes it sound like Hannah is the main suspect, there's actually a ton of suspects and no one really thinks she did it. For a mystery, it was decent enough, but I really think I might have to start passing on this series. They just don't make me think. Just make me hungry for cookies.

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