Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Susannah's Garden

I've tried to read this book twice, and it keeps calling to, so I tried to read it a third time and finished. It wasn't anything special or life changing. It's about Susannah who comes home to put her elderly mother into a home and then to clean out the house (or so she says, there wasn't a whole lot of cleaning going on). When she gets there she decides to look up her high school boyfriend to see why he stopped writing to her when she was in France many, many years ago. This of course makes her husband mad. Then her daughter shows up to 'help clean' but starts getting involved with a shady boy from town, who's mother doesn't like Susannah. So for most of the story it's her trying to find her long ago boyfriend, having fights with her hubby and daughter, and hanging out with her friend from high school. The beginning was slow, the middle was good, the ending made me mad. About the last 50 or so pages, there's blackmail and someone who has been dead for 30 or whatever years apparently isn't. Being a Debbie Macomber book everyone has a happy ending, but it was a stupid ending.

Don't really recommend this book, stick to the Blossom Street series instead.

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