Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting Old Is Murder

This series is super funny. There's something about little old ladies running around trying to solve a mystery while forgetting what's going on half the time that makes me laugh. It was also a little twisted. In this book, Goldy's friends keep dieing from a "heart attack", but she thinks otherwise. So she and her friends try to find out what's going on. Mostly it's just her, but the others are entertaining. Kind of made me think of The Golden Girls, where Dorothy was always in charged and the rest just followed. Only there's isn't a slutty one like Blanche. They are also Jewish, so you get to learn a lot of Jewish words. Good times.


Rachael said...

Which series do you like better-this one or the one that includes Death Takes The Surf?

Lindsay said...

This one is funnier. So, I think I'd pick this one.