Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear John

I'm always intrigued to read a book that has been made into a movie. Is the story so good that film people feel like it will make a great flick? I'm guessing that since most of his other books were turned into movies, that they decided to do the same with this one. I have no desire to see the movie. Mostly because I don't like the chick who plays Savannah. If it was someone else, then sure. I'll probably end up renting it.

This is the second Nicholas Sparks book that I've read this year, and I'm really starting to think that maybe my goal for this year should be to really all his books. That might take some time.

This book is pretty fast paced and easy to read. It's a love story. And a story about heartbreak. But really, while the previews to the movie make it look like a tear jerk er, I didn't cry, not even close.

While on leave from the army, John meets Savannah and they fall in love. Maybe I'm just bitter, but I have a hard time believing that you can fall in love with someone that you've only know for two weeks. So they are smitten kittens and then he has to go back to Germany and they write letters and all that jazz. The second time he sees her, things get a little tough, but they try to work it out. Eventually she dumps him. This takes place after the whole 9/11 thing, and he's over in Germany and places at war. If she really loved him, than she would've waited for him. I understand that would have been hard to do, but supposedly love conquers all. They don't see each other for years and she gets married and doesn't know what to do with his life. There wasn't really a recap as to what he does next. Guess it's whatever the reader wants to imagine. If any part of this book is sad, it's the dad.

It was a decent book. Check it out.

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