Monday, June 14, 2010

The Skinnygirl Dish

You can't really rate this book. It's a book that was made to help you not fear cooking and get some ideas on healthy recipes and how to love your kitchen. Depending on if you take the advice or not determines the rating.

Basically, what I got from the book was, keep your kitchen clean and organized, stock foods that you will eat, and use what you have.

She compares the kitchen and cooking to your closet and dressing. You would never eat or wear something you didn't like, and you should dress up your meals like you would with an outfit. It makes a lot of sense. I did mark some recipes that sounded good and simple, but don't hold my breath because I know I will probably never make them. But I marked them just in case I change my mind.

It's a good book for someone who likes to cook or wants to start.

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