Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Still Dream About You

I like other stuff by this author, but was a bit disappointed in this one. I had a heck of a time getting myself to read it.
It's about Maggie who throughout the whole book is planning on killer herself by drowning herself in the river. But gosh darn it! Life just keeps getting in the way. First its the house that she really likes goes on sale and she wants her business to sell the listing. So she postpones her death. Then something else happens, and something else. After a while I just wanted her to either go ahead and do it, or just realize that her life isn't that horrible and that clearly she's not meant to die right now. Finally she clues into this. Only took 300 pages. At one point I think the author realized that she was losing the reader so she tossed in a mystery. This book just kind of seemed not well thought out. Like she was just making up the story as she went instead of having a plot. Some books can get away with this, but not this one.
It diffinately wasn't her typical feel-good type of novel. It did make me realize that there is way to much work when it comes to killing yourself. I kind of liked Ethel because she complains a lot, like me.

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