Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Place of Yes

This book is part self-help and part biography. It's a great book for anyone who is a fan of Bethenny, if you aren't and are just buying it for the self-help part, I don't think you'll really like it because she talks about her life a lot. But I find her interesting. And considering how crappy her childhood was, its quite impressive of where she is now. Most kids now days who's parents got divorce while the child was at a young and then were never around would probably end up in jail or knocked up at 15. But Bethenny managed to overcome that and build a business and 'come from a place of yes.'. This book goes though how to break the chain of your past, understand what you dislike about you life and find ways to fix it, how to act now on the things you want, learn to except that it's ok to be different, pretty much everything that you've learn from every other self help book, but I think it was a little bit easier to understand because it was coming from someone who has their own reality show, so you kind of get the feeling that you know them a little. At some points I kind of felt like she was using this as a chance to talk about herself instead of using it to help people. But all in all, it had some great advice which I hope to keep in mind as I go through life.

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