Saturday, July 23, 2011

English Tea Murder

In the latest book, Lucy and her three best friends go to England (so jealous!) with a group of college students when on the flight there, their tour guide and college professor dies for what people assume to be an asthma attack. The most disturbing part about this is that they just leave him sitting dead in his seat for the rest of the trip, and no one acts like its an issues. Ick. They get to England and get a new tour guide, who Lucy used to have a teacher and throughout the whole book her friends (who started to annoy me, mostly Sue) joked with her about how he has a crush on her. It got annoying. Almost as annoying as it was that all Lucy talked about was how she was worried about her oldest daughter having problems at college. Who cares?! Not me. During the trip, one of the students almost dies by jumping off the pier into the water and Lucy's friend Pam gets pushed into traffic. Of course Lucy (who needs to stop reading and watching mysteries) gets all paranoid and thinks that there is a killer in their group. So she tries to find out who it is. And chances are, it is who you expect it to be.

I wasn't really that impressed with this book. Seems like all they did in England was shop, walk, look for tea and eat fatty foods. Even so, I still want to go someday.

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