Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sisterhood Everlasting

I didn't hate this book, but it really didn't seem very realistic. My friends and I are 29 like the girls in this book and their lives are nothing like other 29 year old that I know. First off, like 90% of my friends are married with kids. None of these girls are married. I was part of a group of four friends back in high school and 2 out of the four of us are married with kids, so the stats show that some of these girls should've been married. Anyway, we do find out later that Tibby does have a child and Bridget is expecting. And I know how these girls have the money to just jet set off to Greece, Australia, PA, etc. All of my friends are tight for money, so this is just not very realistic. Bridget lives in San Fran with her boyfriend, Carmen has turned into a snobby skinny NYC actress, Lena lives alone still pining over Kostos, and Tibby went to Australia and no one has heard from her in years until one day the girls get letters and plane tickets to meet her at Lena's grandparents house in Greece. They are very excited, go there and find out that Tibby has died. At first they think she killed herself but as the book goes on we find out that she was sick and happened to pass away while in Greece. This obviously depresses the girls and they suddenly realize that they aren't as close as they once where and they feel like strangers. They go their separate ways, Lena goes back to NYC and starts talking to Kostos, and thank goodness they get together in the end. Bridget runs away from her problems and ends up in Australia with Tibby's boyfriend Brian and finds out what happened to Tibby. Carmen, thankfully, finds her old self again. She was really starting to annoy me. The book was kind of weak, but it does get better towards the end. I just hope she doesn't write another one. The first book in the series is still the best

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