Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slightly Single

I love this book! This is my second time reading it and it's still uplifting. I think maybe Tracey annoyed me a little more with her denial and whining over her douche bag boyfriend Will being out of town for the summer and never calling her. Since she's spending the summer alone, she decides its a great time to improve her life. She loses weight (by exercise and smaller portions, what a shock, it does work) and saving money (to buy an awesome big bed) and reading the classics. She also meets a cutie guy named Buckley.

I think the reason why I find this so uplifting is because she is just like every other girl out there and she actually does something about it. Me for example want to lose weight and save money, but of course instead of doing so, I'm reading books and napping all day. lol. And yes, I know that she is just a fictional character and the odds of being able to lose 40 lbs in one summer isn't very realistic, but still, don't a lot of people look towards fictional characters to help them figure out life. How many movies have been made that touched people and helped them make changes. So maybe it isn't so crazy to idolize a book character.

Anyway, still love the book.

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