Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Cluttered Corpse

Cover Image I hate stupid characters, and the chick in this mystery just annoyed me. This book caught my eye because Charlotte is a professional organizer who solves crimes. I love organizing, and each chapter gives a little tip. It was good up until she started sticking her nose where it didn't belong. Her client gets accused of murder so of course Charlotte decides to figure out who really did it, only to get herself into more trouble with each chapter. When will people learn that when your tires get slashed, your house gets broken into, your friend get run over, etc that you should back off. And the thing that really annoyed me is how she kept being nice to this girl who she used to be friends with. The whole time, the girl was a bitch to her and yet Charlotte goes off and risks her life to save her. The girl is a cop, a bitchy one, so I'm sure she would know what to do. I thought I might read the other book in this series, but now I'm not to sure. Something tells me she just as stupid in that one as she was in this one.

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