Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Money Book

Cover Image Reading this book was a good and bad mistake. Bad in the sense that it made me even more scared about money than I already was. Bottom line is, that I pretty much don't have any and that freaks me out, especially since my parents who are helping me out aren't getting any younger and won't always be there to help me. Good in the sense that someday when I do get money again, I can go back to this book and look up the things that I need to know. In the right hands, this book can be really helpful. It talks about credit cards, debt, buying a home, school, car, relationships. And it was easy to follow. Most finance books put me to sleep, but she set up a layout that kept the readers attention. And in each chapter she has questions that people have asked her and answers. I mostly just skimmed this, because not all of it applies to me. I would recommend it to people. So if you are having money issues, check out this book.

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happinessdreams said...

I seriously need to read this book, I love her style- its very direct and honest.

I'm going to put this book on hold, because I don't have enough to read.