Thursday, September 16, 2010

Christmas Letters

I started reading this book before maybe a year or two ago and stopped for some reason. Guess I thought it was lame and cheesy. It actually wasn't that bad.

It's a very typical Debbie Macomber romance novel, where at first the guy and girl don't get along, then they do, and by the end of the book they are planning a wedding even though they have only known each other for a few weeks. That's unrealistic and doesn't happen.

Katherine writes Christmas letters for people and one day runs into Wynn who wrote a best selling book about raising children. Katherine disagrees with his theories and this causes a conflict, but then they start to like each other, then another conflict happens, but by the end they have made up. No shock there. All her books are the same. Other than that, it actually wasn't to bad. The chapter where they babysit is kind of funny.

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