Monday, September 20, 2010

The Wedding

A girl at work lent me this book to read saying that it was really good. I remembered that I checked this book out from the library many months ago and never read it. So clearly this was sign that I was suppose to read it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a little bitter towards romance. I have nothing against it and wish that romantic things happen to everything. I've just never had anything romantic happen to me, so I have a hard time believing that it actually happens.

This is the story of Wilson who is married to Jane who is the daughter of Noah and Allie who are the characters in The Notebook. Wilson forgets his and Jane's 29th wedding anniversary and worries that his marriage is about to come to an end, so he asks Noah (who I think is one of the best characters ever created)for advice and gets an idea how to save his marriage. It actually seemed like a really simple idea. Mostly he started to pay more attention to her and stopped working as much and lost some weight. One day their daughter tells them that she is getting married. In a week. On Wilson and Jane's 30th anniversary. So the book follows the preparation of this wedding. Actually, it was Wilson who does a lot of the work and while the daughter and Jane thank him a bunch of times for all the work he does, I kind of felt like the didn't give him enough credit. It was a good book with a twist at the end. I love the part with Noah and the swan. And I hated his kids for not believing his theory of it. I could see myself thinking the same thing that he does.

I didn't like Jane that much, kind of how I didn't really like Allie in The Notebook. The guys do so much to express their love for the women, but it seems like they do nothing in return. Maybe he just can't write women very well.

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