Wednesday, May 14, 2008

For Women Only.

For Women Only : A Revolutionary Guide to Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction and Reclaiming Your Sex LifeI don't really know why I read this book. It was sitting on my sister's bookshelf and I thought that I'd give it a try, so if it could answer my sex questions. It's a really helpful book and reads more like novel instead of a boring help guide. It didn't really help me with my sex problem, even though there was a woman who had the exact probably as I do, and they figured out it was caused by sexual abuse when she was younger. Well, that's never happened to me, so I don't know that the issue is. They talk about drugs and other actions you can take for whatever your sexual problem is, and how therapy can help. It actually is a decent book, something that would come in handy to keep around. So ladies, check it out.

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happinessdreams said...

its always good to know a little extra about our sex lives.