Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Til Death Do Us Part

'Til Death Do Us Part (Bailey Weggins Mysteries)All these mysteries I keep reading, are making my head hurt. To bad I've got four more sitting on my dresser waiting to be read. This book was much more interesting than the last Kate White. Bailey was a bridesmaid along with 4 (because you need 5 bridesmaids) girls and 3 of them end up dead, so Bailey is certain that she might be next. Sounded interesting. And it was for the most part, but like her last book, there were so many characters and suspects that you had no idea who the killer was. I suspected who it actually ended up being way at the begining of the book. Seems like you can't trust anyone anymore. Not even your friends.

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happinessdreams said...

I've never read anything by this author. All I know is that she is the editor in chief of my fav magazine.

I need to read more mysteries.