Friday, April 9, 2010


If you hated Twilight (like me) then this is a good book for you. Yes, it kind of has that same feel for it, cute (says the book), different guy shows up at school and starts hanging out the odd girl out. But instead of being moody like Bella, Ever is pretty interesting. After her family is killed in a car accident, she gets psychic powers, can see people's auras, read minds, stuff like that. And she hates it. While it might be cool for a while, having to listen to everything someone is think would get annoying. Then she meets Damen, and can't get any reading on him. At first you are going to think he's a vampire, but he's not. He's immortal, which is apparently something different. Of course he and Ever fall in love, but she is dealing with other teenager stuff, like a friend who gets mixed with the wrong crowd, and her dead little she who she can see and talk to. Definitely an interesting book.

I thought about checking out the second one, but people on B& gave it bad reviews, so maybe I'll pass.


Rachael said...

Even the cover looks like it was designed by the same artist who did the Twilight covers.

Lindsay said...

LOL. I was reading it at work and one day the computer was acting up so I had to get someone to help me, and he joked that the computer didn't like me because I was reading a Twilight book.
It's not a Twilight book! It's better.