Monday, April 26, 2010

Seventh Heaven

My mom found this book when we were at the library book sale and said that she liked the author and said I should read it. She wrote the book Practical Magic, which was made into a movie, so I thought that maybe it would be magical like that.

But it wasn't. Not really. The description implies that when Nora Silk comes to town, that every one's lives change. I suspected this meant that maybe she was a witch and helped them better their lives, but really, and bunch of things that kind of disturbed me happen. People die, people run away from their families, people get divorces. It takes place in 1959/1960, and my only image for that time is Leave It To Beaver episodes, it always seems like everyone is nice and innocent. But they aren't, so I was a little disappointed. Plus there are to many characters and I got confused.

In other words, I did not like this book. There's nothing heavenly about it.

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