Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flirting With Forever

I'm not really a fan of romance novels, but I was in the mood to read a cheesy one. Not a super cheesy one where the people get busy in every chapter and there's a photo of a half naked guy on the cover, but something more tasteful. Sadly, I was kind of embarrassed to be hanging out in the romance section, but whatever. I picked this one because I liked the cover and because it's a mix between present time and 1673, which at the time sounded interesting, but it confused me a little.

Cam works at an art museum and from what I can tell she is suppose to be writing a book about an artist, but isn't getting very far, so she tries to buy a book on him from Amazon, but when clicks the link for the book she is transported back to 1673 where she meets Peter Lely who is also an artist. One thing leads to another and the two of them get busy. Don't expect any graphic sex scenes. The author just likes to use the words 'breasts' 'nipple' and 'plow'. How romantic. Afterwards, Peter realizes that she is there to get info on Van Dyck so he gives her a BS story, and when she gets back to present time she writes it in her book, only to find out that it's fake. So she decides to write a book about Peter. He finds out about this and time travels to her and tries to stop her. Then it just because messy. They both like each other, but he can't stay because he's from the past and screwing up the future.

Honestly, I didn't really like this book, but it was a quick read that it made me want to stick with it. It's all about painters, which I have no interest in, so maybe if that is your thing, you'd enjoy it more. Mostly it sounds like something a single lady who lives with cats how isn't getting any lovin' would write.

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