Sunday, May 22, 2011

Looking For Salvation at the Dairy Queen

I don't know if I would say that this book was amazing that the 5 stars claim it is, but it was really good. Read it in like 4 hours.

It's about Catherine Grace who is a the daughter of the preacher in small town Ringgold, GA who's mothered died when she and her little sister were very young. The first part of the book is about her life growing up in a small town with a preacher for a dad and her joy for Dairy Queen's Dilly Bars. Maybe that's what I should've gotten when I went there today instead of their club. lol. Oh well. Maybe next time.

When she turns 18 she leaves for Atlanta, GA because she has always dreamed of getting out of her small town. She's there for a few months, living with a nice old lady and working at a department store when she gets a message that sends her right back home. Once she's there she comes to terms that this is where she is supposed to be.

It was kind of sad and I didn't like the twist they throw in about her mother. That kind of annoyed me. My library put it in the young adults section, but adults will like it to. I did.

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