Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Lost Art of Gratitude

This book wasn't super wonderful or anything. It had more action in it than the others in the series have. Isabel runs into a woman that she knows one day who invites Isabel and her family to her son's birthday party. While there she (Minty)asks Isabel for some help, claiming that she had an affair with another man who is really the father of her child and not the husband and he is threatening her to get to the child and wants Isabel help her. So she talks to the guy who says that he's not doing anything that Minty is telling people he's doing, and later says that he will give up completely on trying to see his son. Then Isabel finds out that Minty has been telling people that Isabel is causing trouble for her and her family. This woman is crazy. Then again, with a name like Minty, how could you not be?

So that's pretty much the main plot of the story. And Isabel and Jamie finally get engaged. And Cat is being a brat. Isabel isn't as snooty in this one as I felt she was in the last one, but she can be a bit mean sometimes.

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