Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stirring Up Strife

I would've given this book more stars, but there were to many characters and I got a little confused. Plus the Nathan and Quinton characters bothered me for some reason. But other than that, it was a decent book. The library I got it out had put it in the religious section, and yeah, it is about a Bible Study group and there are scriptures before each chapter, it really isn't that religious. Should be in the Mystery section instead. Its about Cooper who meets a lady who suggests that she join her Bible Study group. Cooper is a little down because her boyfriend of 5 years dumped her 6 months ago for another girl, so she decides to check this group out. On the first day she finds out that the lady who first mentioned it to her was murdered and everyone thinks it was the husband. So the Bible group decides to clear his name. I felt like there were to many people involved and she probably could've cut out a few. But it was still a good read.

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